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Advertising and showing the property to prospective tenants are just the beginning. Screening applicants for credit worthiness, criminal & civil background information, and verifying income is a major task handled by our property manager. Negotiating and drafting all lease documents is an important step that must be handled with professionalism. Next on the list is pre-lease inspection of the property and land to have proper records of property condition before the tenant takes possession.

Once the tenant moves into the property, the residential property manager will perform routine inspections to check for property damages and scheduled maintenance items. Ultimately, our residential property manager’s responsibility is to minimize vacancies, maximize rental income, and preserve the property for many years of residual income for our clients.

Services provided by Tennessee Valley Realty Associates:

    • Current market value analysis
    • Marketing property
    • ACH (direct deposit) of rents to owner
    • Property Inspections
      • 24/7 Service: access with phone, emergency hotline, email and text
      • 24 hour emergency maintenance
    • Tenant screening
    • Preparation of lease agreements, lease renewal and/or termination
    • Detailed move-in & move-out reports
    • Collection of security deposits/monthly rental payments
    • Handle delinquent payments/returned checks, tenant evictions & legal matters
    • Processing of insurance claims
    • General repairs
    • Monthly report of your account